Respawn Bans 770K Cheaters In Apex Legends

Respawn has been hard at work banning cheaters in Apex Legends, and it is about time. As many players have quit the game due to the fact that Apex Legends has too many cheaters.

Respawn released a blog post today, announcing that they have been hard at work banning cheaters and though they didn’t go over how they are catching the cheaters, which makes sense.

They did go over how the report a player has had a massive impact on catching a lot of cheaters, especially at finding new cheats, which are now being picked up by the EAC.

They also mentioned how they have since banned 770k players for cheating in Apex Legends not only did they ban people but they also blocked over 330k players from creating new accounts to get around the ban.

You can check out the full blog post here. 

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