Resident Evil: Village – The Next Survival Horror Story

Resident Evil: Village - The Next Survival Horror Story
Resident Evil: Village - The Next Survival Horror Story

Number Eight Has Landed With a Trailer!

‘Resident Evil: Village’ is the next title continuing the Resident Evil series. During PlayStation’s event which took place earlier, Capcom revealed that the next chapter takes place in an eerie village. Surrounded by snow, and of course… containing astonishing horrors.

There looks to be a new virus on the loose, and why wouldn’t there? Resident Evil is known for its pandemics…

Within the trailer provided, Capcom revealed some key details involving the mysterious area, with familiar characters. The characters shown were ‘Ethan’ and ‘Chris Redfield’ who seem to be much acquainted later on in the video. And with that being said, questions are being asked about their current situation regarding the area. As well as the virus embedded within.

Much like the previous installment, Resident Evil 7 is shown to be more or less psychological in terms of this new outbreak amongst the area. Additionally, the next chapter will be similar in terms of its first-person camera angle, as opposed to the remakes.

Survival-horror awaits, see below…

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