Resident Evil & Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover Comes To Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Resident Evil 2 Monster Hunter Crossover
Resident Evil 2 Monster Hunter Crossover (Pic: Capcom)
A screenshot from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne which shows the character Claire Redfield from Resident Evil.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will let you bear an uncanny resemblance to your favourite RE2 protags. Image Source; Capcom

If you’ve been playing Capcom’s newest entry into the Monster Hunter series, specifically the Iceborne DLC for said entry, you might have noticed something missing. Some unplaceable element that makes the world of Monster Hunter: Iceborne feel incomplete. Well, it seems Capcom has been feeling the same way, but fear not: they’ve found the missing link, and his name is Leon Kennedy. Yes, that one.

This new content was released on 8 November and allows players to obtain armour that lets them resemble Resi 2 protags, Leon and Claire. The update also includes a new quest, which isn’t without its spoils of war: a host of trinkets and decorative items, including a giant Tofu pendant, are unlockable Players are also able to pay to make the Handler character look like Resident Evil 2’s Tyrant, also known as Mr. X.

We’ll also soon be seeing a return of the Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover that we saw a little while ago – a PS4-exclusive event later this month will include a new quest and some new content based on Horizon’s Frozen Wilds expansion.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Are There Other Crossovers?

This is far from the first set of crossovers that this game has seen – MHW has been home to appearances from Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher and more and if this crossover keeps fans playing it’s unlikely that the crossovers will be stopping any time soon.

For more details on the new content, check out the video on our YouTube page!

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