Resident Evil 8 details leaked

Resident Evil Village
The leak supposedly comes from a playtest of the game (Picture: Capcom)

A New Resident Evil Village Leak Has Surfaced

We’ve now got new details on Resident Evil 8. Although the leak is not confirmed, the information supposedly comes from a playtester for the game. And, while it may not be true, this info gives a good look at a section of the game.

We already know that the new Resident Evil game takes place in Europe. The leak’s description of a castle setting seems to match this, as the player must explore while looking for a key for a large door. However, this area is different from where previous playtests have apparently taken place; other, earlier tests occurred in the village near to the castle.

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We also got a little bit of a heads-up on the enemies in this section. Apparently, you’ll have to face rotting, armoured opponents, who attack in a similar way to Resident Evil 3’s infected: by jumping on you, grabbing and biting. A particular enemy can behead you with a single swing of a sword, but the enemies seem mostly standard.

Finally, the leak gives a description of the boss found in the playtest’s part of Resident Evil 8. During this fight, players will have to take on the insect-controlling witch Olga. After managing to damage her, players will then have to tackle another form, as Olga transforms into a giant insect creature. The playtest ended after this fight finished, meaning this was all we got to hear about the next Resident Evil game.  But, from the sounds of it, there’ll be just as many scares as we’ve come to expect.

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The only official look we’ve had at Resident Evil 8 is the teaser trailer from earlier this year. Take a look at it below:

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