Resident Evil 7 Coming To Switch But Only In Japan

Resident Evil 7 is hitting the switch

So Resident Evil 7 is coming to switch, but don’t get happy thought because its only in Japan. It’s a ‘Cloud Version’ And Capcom have confirmed the release.

Now according to Nintendo Everything, it’s called the Cloud Version because the game will play via the cloud, and its download size is going to be just 45 MB.

The cloud version includes the full game plus the banned footage Volume 1 and 2, End Of Zoe and Not a Hero expansion. the game is free for the first 15 minutes giving players a chance to try it out and if they like it then they can buy it for ¥2,000 (~$18 USD) However you don’t actually buy the game, you buy a ticket in a sense which will allow you to play the game for 180 days.

Nintendo has not confirmed if it will be coming to other parts of the world yet, but we are really hoping it does.

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