Resident Evil 2 Inspiring Shovel Knight Developers

Shovel Knight devs going off to new, bigger directions with the inspiration of Resident Evil 2. (Credit: Yacht Club Games)

Shovel Knight devs going off to new, bigger directions with the inspiration of Resident Evil 2. (Credit: Yacht Club Games)

Through a series of contributor articles on USGamer, Yacht Club Games, the minds behind the platformer Shovel Knight, discuss the behind the scenes work of the hit indie title along with hints about the next project in the works. At the end of the post, a glimpse at the future is made with a nod to Resident Evil 2’s zapping system.

Who knows… maybe one day we’ll make Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove HD collection with cartoon visuals and a Resident Evil 2-style zapping system.”

Said system means the actions taken in the first playthrough will affect what happens in the second. In Resident Evil 2, you can play as Leon or Claire first then go into the B story with that other character’s perspective of the events that unfolded in Raccoon City.

This idea of a cartoony game with replayability is in the early stages. The company posted various job openings that occur during these times of development. Artists and programmers are just some of the positions being hunted by California based developers.

The studio has voiced the need to expand on new IP outside of Shovel Knight. Various employees spoke to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier in his book Blood, Sweat, and Pixels about the problematic development and desire to go beyond the 2D sidescroller. Due to promises made on Kickstarted, the developer had to add new content to meet what was said to fans. Instead of putting out the game and some DLC, it became a cycle of new adventures for the colorful hero and his mighty shovel.

Next week another article will be posted on USGamer from Yacht Club Games, so fans of Shovel Knight can stay tuned there.

What do you think about Yacht Club Games going off onto something new? Does a cartoon styled game with multiple playthroughs sound interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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