Resident Evil 2 Demo Announced

A demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake has finally been announced by Capcom. However, it’s an atypical demo with a time limit. The demo, fittingly titled the “1-Shot Demo,” puts players in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy, a mainstay in the Resident Evil series.  The player will have thirty minutes to complete the demo’s mission objective, and, upon completion of the mission, the player will then be given access to a new cinematic trailer for the game ahead of its January 25 release. See AlsoRisk of Rain 2: Price Will Be IncreasedAdditionally, players will be allowed to replay the demo if they complete it in under thirty minutes, with the caveat that they’ll only have as much time as they managed to save during their first run. Players will not be able to restart the timed demo once they’ve used up their allotted time.  The demo will become available on January 11, two weeks before the game’s launch. See AlsoConan Exiles free arrival has been cancelled by Epic Games StoreAre you all going to check out the demo? What did you think of the last Resident Evil game? Let us know in the comments! Advertisements