Resident Evil 0, 1 and 4 all coming to Nintendo Switch!


Pre-orders start on 28th February for these 3 great games coming to Switch.

Recently, on the official Resident Evil Twitter page it was confirmed that 3 titles will soon be coming to Switch on 21st May.

The ability to play the 3 games on the go is definitely enticing… Looks like another copy of Resident Evil 4 for me!

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Interestingly, it has been confirmed that European Switch owners will be able to grab all three games as separate digital downloads through the Nintendo eShop. While North American Switch owners will be able to purchase Resident Evil Origins Collection at retail, bundling together both RE0 and 1!

More information will be coming soon so do keep an eye out for Daily Gaming Report updates. Also do be sure to check out the Daily Gaming Report YouTube channel if reading isn’t really your thing.

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