Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta Access Dates.

Rockstar have released the beta for the Online portion of their recent release Red Dead Redemption 2. Get online now, go play … IF you have the ultimate edition. The beta was available for all ultimate edition owners on the 27th of November at 13:30 GMT. Do not worry its not all doom and gloom for people who bought the regular edition as you can play from 13:30 GMT 28/11/18… IF you played on day one (26/10/18). What if you played from the 27th to the 29th? Well then you can play the beta starting 29/11/18 at 13:30 GMT. Okay okay what if you played the game after the 29th? Will you still have online access? Simple answer: Yes. For owners of the regular edition and if the game was first played after the 29th of October then you can access the game 30/11/18 13:30 GMT.

So all is fair in the end, while some people will have a few days advantage, that can be made up over the coming months. Looking at what Rockstar have done with GTAV and how new features have been released 5 years after its release. If you consider this game has a potential 5 year life span, then 4 days head start doesn’t seem too bad.
Staggering the release date with different bunches of players is going to allow Rockstar to monitor the servers. this will allow them to take action to prevent issues and improve the game quality for all players.


If you own the Ultimate edition on XBOX ONE then you may be experiencing some issues getting access. Rockstar Support just tweeted out that this issue has been resolved and you need to restart your console and it should be gone. Make sure it is a hard restart. read the tweet below.

What do you think about the staggered release dates? let us know in the comments below.

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