Red Dead Online’s First Major Update – Battle Royale, Daily Challenges, Upgrades + More!


Rockstar’s first batch of new content brings us ‘Gun Rush’… This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!

Recently, the first major update was released for Red Dead Redemption Online. This update includes daily challenges, a battle royale mode and a number of smaller tweaks to the game. These tweaks include, upgrades to the law and bounty systems, changes to make it easier to avoid hostile players and tweaks to the in-game radar. (you’ll only be visible to other players over short distances)

The biggest addition to Red Dead Redemption Online is the new gamemode ‘Gun Rush’. In ‘Gun Rush’ 32 players in either solo or team-based variants fight to be the last one or last team standing while staying in an ever shrinking circle… Yes that’s right it’s your standard battle royale.

Gun Rush

Luckily, Rockstar have stated there will be a number of major updates before the game comes out of beta. In fact, Rockstar went on to confirm new story missions, dynamic events, new competitive modes as well as some new weapons and cosmetics.

Interestingly, it was mentioned that Red Dead Online will continue to be in beta for several more months, as the team incorporates player feedback and introduces new gameplay systems.

It sounds to me like Rockstar have some major plans for Red Dead Online… What would you like to see incorporated? Let us know in the comments below.

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