Red Dead Online Players Attacked by Skeletons

RDR2 Update splash
If you see a two-headed skeleton, shoot him right between the eyes... on both heads. (Image: Rockstar)

Red Dead: Online players are getting attacked by two-headed skeletons. Firstly, the skeletons are spawned by modders and engage players in hand to hand combat. Although the behavior is modded, the skeleton model exists in the game already as a woman’s corpse from the wrecked carnival wagons near Beecher’s Hope / Tall Trees. It seems to be a harmless prank and a bit of fun as they do not change the game in any way.

RDR2 Skeleton

RDR2 Online skeleton sighting. (Image: u/Gammarae47 via Reddit)

If you happen to encounter one of these skeletons in the wild, fear not. In addition, you are able to beat them, shoot them and capture them like any other character model in the game. We have not seen any footage of players killing these skeletons. Nonetheless, these skeletons can be a pain. The best thing to do is hog-tie them and leave them on some poor stranger’s horse.

I got attacked by something I never expected from RedDeadOnline

In spite of seeing skeletons roaming around the mod and skeletons are not indicative of the fan-favorite Undead Nightmare mod. The first Red Dead Redemption game had a mod developed that turned the game into a zombie-horror environment. Without a doubt, a Red Dead Online Undead Nightmare mod would be great.


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