Red Dead 2 developers had 100 hour work weeks

Red Dead 2 developers had 100 hour work weeks

Honestly, seeing what Rockstar Games has produced with Red Dead Redemption 2 is amazing. Though with any great art form there must be a sacrifice. Recently, Dan Houser of Rockstar revealed the workload behind the development of the game.

Yet, its no stranger to anyone that towards the end of a development cycle of games see employees grind unpaid overtime. Additionally, Rockstar saw their team pull in over 100 hours in a week.

However, according to Dan Houser this seems like it was the occasion rather than the everyday struggle for the team. To sum up, it looks like their hard work is about to pay off on October 26th.

Comment below on what you think of Rockstar’s workload. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Ps4s have been locking up due to strange messages being to sent to players.

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