Rainbow Six Siege: New Season New Ops, Kind of New Theme Park?

Operation Shifting Tides is the final addition for Year 4 in R6 (Picture: Ubisoft)

Operation Shifting Tides is the final addition for Year 4 in R6 (Picture: Ubisoft)

We’re at that time again, Rainbow Six Siege is entering the last season of year 4 and thus comes with all new operators and a reworked map. Season 4 of year 4 is coming soon and brings the typical two new operators and a reworked Theme Park to its already outstanding cast.

The two new operators to focus on is Kali and Wamai. Kali is the new attacking operator who brings in a new weapon to the R6 team. Her CSRX 300 bolt action sniper can allow you to control engagements from long range (kind of like Glaz). Her gadget is the real highlight of her kit though, the LV Explosive Lance allows you to fire a sticky explosive from long range to catch defenders off guard. It’s kind of like Ash’s gadget but effective from a longer range and can’t be used on hard walls.

The defender Wamai brings in a similar sort of gadget to what Jager has. Instead of it disabling grenades by shooting them out of the air it pulls them towards his Mag-NET. It can be placed anywhere on the stage and attract and projectile in its radius and line of sight. You don’t need Jager to not worry about grenades now that Wamai is here.

The next part of the new operation (titled operation Shifting Tides) is the reworked Theme Park map. Theme Park has been a love hate map for a while in the R6 community and it’s good to see it get a well-needed rework. The rail platform part of the map has been removed making the map tighter and easier to navigate, with fewer lines of sight down the middle. The bomb site Gargoyle and Haunting dines has also been replaced with Throne Room and Armory to add variation to the map. You also won’t be able to get into Arcade entrance as well as it is currently blocked off.

What do you think of the changes to Theme Park and the new ops? Let us know in the comments below

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