Rage 2 may come out for Nintendo Switch

id Software is evaluating it

At Quakecon 2018 we got spoiled with an extended gameplay of Rage 2 and OMG did it look amazing. We also got to see Doom Eternal Which was announced that it would be coming to the Switch.

With Doom Eternal coming to the Switch it seems impossible for Rage 2 not to come to the Switch as well as it would be a perfect fit for the console. Well this is was Tim Willits id Software Studio Director, had to say on the situation in an interview with Variety:

“We’re looking at the tech on that right now, and we’re still evaluating that… We stream everything, and we’re just looking… because everything is open, everything’s available, so there’s no level loads. We are looking at that now, but we don’t know.”

Comment below if you’d like to see Rage 2 come to the Nintendo Switch. Below is a gameplay trailer to Rage 2 which comes out in the summer of 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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