Rage 2 is being developed by Avalanche Studios

id Software is giving them creative freedom to perfect it

Avalanche Studios explained recently that they were the primary developer on Rage 2, the sequel developed in collaboration with id Software.

“We at Avalanche are making the game,” said Avalanche game Director Magnus Nedfors. He told me that id has been working closely with them on the creative level “since day one,” but that “we have written the code, we have made the art and that stuff, that part of development is made in Stockholm by Avalanche.”

“It’s a close collaboration still with the people at id, learning from them when it comes to the shooting and so on,” Nedfors said. That influence is clear, as the guns and the pace of Rage 2 feel very similar to Doom. “They’ve taught us a lot about the id-style of combat,” he explained, saying id studio director Tim Willits wanted to make sure that Rage 2’s shooting still felt like an id game.

“They were super good to work with in the beginning, because they didn’t come and say ‘we want this game,’” Nedfors explained. “I think it was kind of the other way around, like ‘hey, what would you do if you got the opportunity to make a sequel to Rage?’ And they kind of handed it over to us, and we could build up our ideas before they showed any of their stuff.”

Avalance has the green light to to express their creative juices with this title. I think it should be interesting. With a resume of games like the Just Cause series and Mad Max under their belt their art direction should blend with Rage 2 with ease. We’ll have to see what material they bring to the table as they’re running the show with the game.

Comment below on what you think of Avalanche working on Rage 2, set for release sometime in 2019. Below is a gameplay trailer for Rage 2. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news Fortnite’s Durr Burger may get something new in the game’s new software patching coming out.

Fortnite’s Durr Burger may get something in new patch soon

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