PUBG’s Tencent deals with a serious stock decrease

Actually for an interesting reason

One of the teams behind PUBG Tencent Games recently saw a stock drop with 25 percent. Now with the success and major source of income for their Chinese sector thanks to PUBG you may wonder is that the case? Well two reasons, Fortnite and Monster Hunter Online. Tencent had to remove Monster Hunter Online from PC users as a available purchase in China and with Fortnite being ever so popular in dominating the ratio of battle royale fans versus those who prefer PUBG. This is something new for the company who hasn’t seen a financial loss in 13 years, something which reports are saying will increase in years to come.

Now PUBG is awesome, even compared to Fortnite. I would hate to seem them go into the poor house over errors of this sort. The Monster Hunter Online issue is due to government regulations forcing a pull on the license. This is actually due to China seizing production of games as of late, not the typical modification of social core values needed in China

Tencent needs to think of something creative to add a profit to compete with the likes of Fortnite in order to survive. Comment below on what you think Tencent should do in this situation. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon.

Diablo III Coming To The Switch


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