PUBG’s Dogebomb Event Mode Is Explosive

PUBG’s Dogebomb Event Mode Is Explosive

So instead of going in with a gun, you’ll be getting dropped in armed with 20 grenades. You will be dropped in as one of three ten-person teams.

PUBG’s Dodgebomb Event Mode is going to its most explosive yet, Dodgebomb promises to bring a new level of destruction to the game.

This is what the mode will entitle:

“Set exclusively on debut island Erangel, 30 players across three teams spawn with 20 frag grenades, a Molotov, level 3 armour and a frying pan. Knock downs are disabled, and lethal damage kills instantly. Felled players respawn in planes above every 30 seconds—as per War Mode’s standard—and offing enemies nets your team three points. “If no team reaches 100 points before the time limit,” says developer PUBG Corp, “the team with the most points wins.”

“In Dodgebomb, weather conditions are locked to sunny, red zones are disabled, care packages are switched off and no weapons or vehicles spawn in the world whatsoever. Likewise, killer spectating and friendly fire are removed. North American, European and Asian servers can choose between third and first person perspective; whereas everywhere else is locked on TPP. ”

To survive this mode we only have 5 tips these are:

“Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.”

– Patches O’Houlihan

If you didn’t get that reference, please go watch the movie Dodgeball, now if it works for a Dodgeball I’m sure it can work for a Grenade.

Dodgebomb starts tomorrow, August 10 at 03:00 BST (22:00 on August 9 for ET), and will run until Sunday night/Monday morning. NA and EU servers will have access to both third- and first-person perspectives.

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In other news, Fortnite now downloadable on Android thanks to leakers.

Fortnite now downloadable on Android thanks to leakers


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