PUBG Patch 19 fixes bullet penetration and adds dynamic weather

The PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has just received a new update titled PUBG Patch 19, that aims to fix several key issues and make several new additions that will improve the game’s quality of life. The patch will update the user interface, improve frame rate, address bullet penetration, and add dynamic weather to certain maps.

Patch 19 will address the bullet penetration issue wherein now bullets that hit hands that are blocking a character’s face will count as a headshot rather than solely doing marginal limb damage. Dynamic weather will return as well, after being removed back in December due to its problematic strain on frame rate. The Erangel and Miramar maps will now have overcast settings, which will include fog and rain.

The reappearance of environmental conditions will make for more interesting matches, should the frame rate hold. Erangel’s river shoreline and barren areas will be also be updated to allow for more cover and Miramar will be getting more dirt roads.

The update is only available on test servers currently and has not been given a release date for the live servers as of yet. The update is expected to be a 9 GB download when it is eventually released.

You can find all the patch details via the link below:

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