PUBG Corp Ditches Fortnite Lawsuit

PUBG Corp the developers behind PUBG was suing Epic Games the developers behind Fortnite, due to the fact that they believed Epic Games was copying PUBG with there game Fortnite.

The lawsuit was filed in January, however, it didn’t come to light until last month at which when it did gamers took to Twitter and Reddit criticizing PUBG for suing Fortnite saying it was pointless and petty.

PUBG Corp believed because they were the first company to bring out a Battle Royale game standalone that anything that comes out after such as Fortnite was Copyright Infringement.

However, PUBG Corp has since dropped the lawsuit but it is unclear as to why they apparently sent “a letter of withdrawal” to the attorneys of Epic Games on Monday. It’s currently unknown whether or not a settlement was made between the two sides.

What do you think about the lawsuit being dropped? let us know in the comments below.


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