P.T. is back from the grave in a new re-creation


P.T. is back from the grave in a new re-creation

P.T., or Playable Teaser, was originally a short demo meant to tease and promote Silent Hills back in 2014. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro famously collaborated on the project. Silent Hills never saw the light of day because of an apparent falling out between Kojima and the publishing studio, Konami. P.T. left a lot of fans wondering about what could’ve been for the Silent Hills game.

The game has become a bit of an urban legend in its own right. After the initial release and subsequent cancellation, the mystery of Silent Hills only grew and has continued to grow. It had some big names backing it too. Along with Kojima and Del Toro, Norman Reedus was on board as the lead actor for Silent Hill’s protagonist, before shifting gears to Death Stranding.

P.T. comes back to life

It’s no wonder that someone, and in this case Arthur Łączkowski, made an emulation of P.T. It was scary and fun and unique, but it was dead on arrival. This is a recipe for a game to warrant remake consideration. With that being the case, Łączkowski’s made a very impressive re-creation of the teaser. It’s also playable. If you don’t want to play a remake, then Let’s Play has also done a video walkthrough that you can watch and get a feel for the atmosphere.

P.T. put players in control of a nameless, unknown person going through hallways of the same looping house. Each run was slightly different than the last. Players could eventually enter other rooms to look for clues, such as the bathroom. The ghost of an unknown woman increasingly started haunting the player as they found more clues.

Silent Hills proper is likely too far gone at this point, but it’s cool seeing fans of the series keep the P.T. alive. Who knows, maybe Kojima will revisit it one day.

Did you play P.T. back when it first came out? Is it one of your more memorable horror moments in gaming? Let us know in the comment section.

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