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PSN Name Change Issues

According to Resetera user Azdoune and a tweet from user @9_volt_, you may want to think twice before jumping on the new PSN name changes feature PlayStation is rolling out. The name change debate has been a heated one within the PlayStation user community, and finally, it looks like it will be a reality. However, there is some important information you may wish to know before changing that terrible PSN name you created as a teenager.

What are the issues?

First and foremost, “You may lose access to content (including paid for content) that you have acquired for your games, including content like add-ons and virtual currency.” Does anyone hate their username enough to risk this much? Probably. There are some terrible PSN usernames out there. Not all games and applications being able to support the username change is worrying.

Additionally to terrible usernames, the trans community may wish to change their names from their deadnames. You can see this discussed in the tweets below.

Now, in a blogpost on the official PlayStation blog back on October 10th, it was noted that not all games published before April 1st, 2018 will be compatible. You may run into errors and issues which can be avoided by reverting back to your old username. However, reverting back can only be done once during the preview period. When the feature officially launches, will publish a full list of compatible games published before April 1st, 2018.

This long-awaited feature desired by pretty much the entire PlayStation community isn’t without its hiccups it seems. Are you satisfied with your username? Are you willing to risk losing content, progress and even parts of games to have a better username?

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