PS5 Possibly Getting VR After Patent For New PlayStation VR Accessory

PlayStation VR looks to be getting a fancy new accessory, possibly for the PS5 (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

PlayStation VR looks to be getting a fancy new accessory, possibly for the PS5 (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Sony is moving forward with PlayStation VR after LetsGoDigital discovered a patent for a new accessory, that could go with next year’s PS5. This new component was filed by Sony Interactive with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in October and only recently revealed to the public last month. Now that this information is out in the wild, it shows off imagery and descriptions referring to the “Actuator apparatus.”

The device is a camera that will simulate a user’s head in a 360-degree view. This allows for a better understanding of the person’s posture, body language, and goes to suggest that it can sense emotions. A chart shows five emotions – happiness, surprise, aversion, anger, and sorrow – which can be expressed by how much the head and headset are moving. For example, someone who wants to show rage must be “stopped in state rotated 30 degrees upwardly from motion initial position.

As the PS4 nears the end of its life cycle, Sony might want to move its virtual reality ventures into the next generation. It will be uncertain if these new technologies will meet the upcoming console, but if the company decides to come to E3 next year, unlike its absence this past E3, then it would be the time to show the world about the PS5 along with this new apparatus.

The PS5 is due to come out holiday 2020, right next to Xbox’s Project Scarlett.

Does this new possibility for VR intrigue you? Do you think it will be aimed for the PS5, be focused on the PS4, or be a crossover between the new and old generations? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below.

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