Project Scarlett VR be in the works for Microsoft next-gen console?

Project Scarlett VR mat? (Picture: Microsoft)

Project Scarlett VR mat? (Picture: Microsoft)

With Microsoft’s next-gen console codenamed Project Scarlett releasing in holiday 2020, it might also come with an array of virtual reality accessories if the latest hardware patent documents filed by Microsoft are accurate.

A Twitter user by the name of WalkingCat first discovered these patents; these were actually filed on 30 March 2018, and have only now been made available for public viewing on the FreePatentsOnline website.

One of the accessories is as a special-purpose virtual reality mat, where the system receives image data from optical sensors imagining a physical environment, and another one is described as a ‘six-degrees-of-freedom input device.’ The patent images reveal quite a few devices such as a stylus, a set of motion controllers, a VR headset, and the Xbox Kinect is visible in a few sketches…

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It isn’t clear if these are specifically in development for Project Scarlett, or they’ve been trialled in the past and never made it passed the development phase. However, with VR being more and more commonplace nowadays, it makes sense that the next-gen Xbox will have some sort of VR device, even better with they can link that in with a full operation Kinect.

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Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has expressed interest in virtual reality, and Sony hasn’t given up on VR for the PlayStation 5 as patents have suggested they are working on it for next-gen.

Would you be interested in a Project Scarlett VR system?

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