Prince Of Persia Returns In Latest For Honor Event

For Honor Event - Prince Of Persia Is Back
Coudl this lead to something more? (Picture: Ubisoft).

For Honor’s latest event will see the return of the Prince Of Persia. From March 12, the Blades of Persia event will be released in different parts. So, the first will introduce a brand new game mode called ‘Ruler of Time.’

It is set in a “transformed Harbor map.” What this means then, is that it’ll be the Dominion game mode, but with a Prince Of Persia twist thrown in. It’ll mean teams will fight against sand creatures, as well as the Prince himself. As a result of his time manipulation abilities, the Prince becomes stronger.

Then we move onto March 19, and things change up a bit. The Prince, at this point, will be replaced by the Dark Prince from Prince Of Persia: Two Thrones. However, the developers are remaining tight-lipped on what the new version of the Prince will mean for the game. The harbor event, however, is due to be revamped for the second part of the game.

That all sounds great. But there is more. There are 26 Prince Of Persia themed weapons up for grabs. They will be available for players until the end of the event. Additionally, the event pass will allow players to unlock up to 30 tiers of new things. Plenty to go around then.

It includes two outfits. These are based on the Sand Wraith from Warrior Within, plus Ratash from The Forgotten Sands. Back in 2018, For Honor launched the For the Creed crossover event. This was in league with the Assassins Creed series.

For a limited time, it bought us Ezio Auditore and Cesare Borgia. Considering the Prince Of Persia is inactive, and the event is going ahead, it makes you wonder if more content is on the way from the Prince Of Persia franchise.

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