Prepare for Gears 5 with new Gears 4 gilded challenges.

Gilded challenges were introduced for the Gilded Raam playable character back in March. And now They have added 5 new gilded Characters that are more accessible then Raam. The Gears 1 general requires the following 3 tasks:

  1. Earn 1 Million Points (2x Versus Score and 1x Horde XP)
  2. Reach Re-Up 10
  3. Complete the campaign in Co-op in Hardcore or harder

Wow, I am currently Re-Up 1 so I am not sure I have enough time to reach Re-Up 10 before the deadline on September 2nd. For those of you that think like me and see no point in going back into Gears 4 do not fear! They have also shown 5 other characters the unlock for Gears 5 with easier more obtainable challenges.

  1. Gilded Marcus: Get 50 Gears of War 4 achievements
  2. Gilded Scion: 250 Kills in public versus.
  3. High Roller: Craft a High Roller emblem for 3,000 scrap
  4. Gilded JD: 2500 kills in Horde.
  5. ESports Kait: Watch 60 minutes of ELEAGUE Invitational on from July 13-14, Complete 5 matches of Escalation.

With 5 more coming on August 1st 2019. We do not know the challenges for those yet but we do know what they unlock. Which is the following:

  • Hero Banner
  • Lancer Execution
  • Booster
  • Gilded Kait
  • Golden Weapon Skin Set

All Exciting Stuff am I Right? Let me know what you think In the comments below.

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