Pokémon Sword & Shield – Legendaries revealed

Attack & Defend with Zacian and Zamaneta.

Recently, Nintendo revealed the two legendary Pokémon that will be associated with Pokémon Sword and Shield. As expected, the legendary you will get will depend on which version of the game you decide to play. Of course, both look absolutely stunning.

Pokémon Sword’s Legendary will be called Zacian… The description for Zacian states: “Zacian attacks so gracefully that its movements can even captivate its opponents. It holds what appears to be a sword in its mouth”.

If you decide to go for Pokémon Shield you will have the chance to capture Zamaneta… Zamaneta’s description states: “Zamazenta’s regal and majestic movements overwhelm any opponents that dare face it. Its body is covered in what seems to be a shield”.


Pokémon Sword and Shield will be released for Nintendo Switch on 15th November 2019… Remember, you have to catch em all!

While you’re here check out the Legendaries Reveal Trailer below and let us know what you think of the bright blue and orange designs in the comments section below… Personally, I think they look awesome!

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