Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Coming Soon

Pokemon Sword/Shield expansion pass logo
Pokemon Sword and Shield are getting expansion passes with two massive chapters! (Source: GameFreak)

Nintendo announced today via their Pokémon Direct livestream that two new Expansion Pass DLCs are coming soon.

The two new expansions act as DLCs and, according to GameFreak officials, will act similar to how previous generations received new games like Pokémon Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, etc.

The two new areas included with the expansion pass are the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. The Isle of Armor is set to be available June 2020, and The Crown Tundra set for Fall 2020. Each new area will feature new fashion items, new bikes, new rivals, new legendaries, new previous Pokémon, and more.

According to the livestream, the Isle of Armor has a theme of growth and will contain new dojos for the trainer to battle in. A new mentor character named Mustard will help you as he also helped mentor Champion Leon. He will entrust you with a new legendary Pokémon, Kubfu.

The new legendary Pokemon, Kubfu who is a fuzzy bear-like creature.

The Isle of Armor’s new legendary: Kubfu. (Source: TheInstaProfile)

Kubfu is a fighting-type Pokémon. It will evolve into Urshifu, a Pokémon with two styles. Single-Strike Style which has the types fighting and dark, and Rapid-Strike Style which has the types of fighting and water. Urshifu will have Gigantimax forms for each style.

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The Crown Tundra has a theme of exploration and will be set in a wintery landscape with exploration teams. The Crown Tundra will feature a new co-op mode where players can explore dens together to find and battle returning legendary Pokémon such as Mewtwo and Zapdos.

Along with the returning legendaries, The Crown Tundra will have a new legendary called Calyrex.

The new bunny-like legendary Pokemon Calyrex.

The Crown Tundra’s new legendary, Calyrex (Source: Hyperxgaming)

Calyrex is a psychic and grass-type Pokémon.

Also, both versions of the expansion pass will feature new rivals based on which version you have. Pokémon Sword players will have Klara as their new rival, a poison-type user. Pokémon Shield players will have Avery as their rival, a Psychic-type user.

The two new rivals (Source: Siliconera)

GameFreak developers confirmed that each new area will have seamless maps like the wild area in the base games, where players can walk freely and move the camera around to their liking. They also announced Tutor Moves, Apricorns, and Exp. Charms will be added in the expansion. Additionally, more than 200 well-known Pokémon species will be added to these areas, including Volcarona.

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A software update will be going live today, January 9, 2020, where players can meet their respective rival and also a Galarian Slowpoke who came from the Isle of Armor.

Both expansion passes will be available for pre-purchase today, January 9, for £26.99/$29.99.

Are you looking forward to exploring these new areas? Let us know in the comments section! Did you know that Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is getting a remake?

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