Pokemon Go’s Latest Updates Brings Niantic Kids Login Platform

A new Pokemon Go update has released and with it comes many bug fixes and a few adjustments to friends list, however, the biggest thing to come from the update has to be Niantic Kids login platform. What this allows is for younger players to log in and use an account, which has parental controls. Down below is the full update features:

  • added the Niantic Kids login platform
  • updated the Friend List to give a blue indicator if you have increased your friendship level
  • updated with an arrow on the friend list if you have sent a gift
  • can now turn off the ability to share what you last caught on your Friend List
  • on the notification that a raid battle is starting soon, it will show you a picture of the Gym it’s starting at
  • fixes a number of bugs in the game
  • remedies a GO Plus glitch where if you use a berry and then run from a Pokémon, the game would crash when you’d return to it
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