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Pokemon Go is still the hot-hand, even in the winter months. To get into the spirit, Niantic is kicking off a Holidays 2018 event. This will increase the frequency with which ice Pokemon will show up.

This is a fun and creative idea to boost usage in the game. It’s also another solid way for Niantic to maintain its player participation. They’ve also recently announced trainer battles, which will be a great way to reignite interest as well.

The event starts on December 18 and will end on January 2, 2019. During this span, players will get the already-mentioned ice-Pokemon appearance increase, but also better chances of hatching popular pre-evolutions like Munchlax and Smoochum, from eggs and a daily, one-time-use incubator.

All these features will be live until the holiday event ends in early January. It could be a good chance for players to nab a hard-to-get ice-type.

There are even more Christmas bonuses too. You can view a full list of the content and features on the Pokemon Go website.

What do you think about the Holidays 2018 and which features do you like? Are you still playing the game? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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