Pokemon GO Datamine Hints at Gen 4

With Pokemon GO continuing its growth and its popularity remaining strong, it seems Niantic still has plenty left in store for us with the hopeful release of the Gen 4 Pokemon. A recent datamine into the game seems to point towards this inevitable step into the game’s future.


When speaking of Gen 4 Pokemon, these are the ones that originate from the Sinnoh region, more commonly known as the in-game setting of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Many fans remember the starter Pokemon of these games. The water-type penguin, Piplup. The grass-type turtle, Turtwig. And the fire-type monkey, Chimchar. This generation includes countless other Pokemon, as well as new evolutions for Pokemon from the previous generation.

The recent datamine came from a tweet made by a user known as “Chrales. The tweet simply has a message saying, “and don’t get hyped too much but….”. It then follows with a code supposedly found within the game’s files.


This further adds to the pile of evidence that has been gathering over time. The most prominent and hopeful hint at Gen 4 was a confirmation by the game’s creator, John Hanke. During a shared flight with “Doctor PoGo”, a level 40 trainer who is associated with the official level 40 Facebook Page, John talked about his plans for the release of Gen 4. It was also during this time that an implementation of a PvP system was also talked about. This feature is rumored to have a possible release before the end of this year, in an interview Anne Beuttenmuller, Niantic’s head of marketing.


No official release dates have been confirmed, but the recent datamine may indicate that the Gen 4 release could be arriving earlier then we expected. I know many fans have already been anticipating this by collecting enough candy to evolve to the Gen 4 evolutions. The “trading” feature has already received positive appraisal and one can only imagine how that will be doubled with possible PvP. Whatever the case may be, the popular ARG continues to be an expanding force in the mobile game community. Let’s just hope I have enough candy to evolve my Murkow to a Honchkrow before it Gen 4 comes out.


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