Pokemon Go Continues To Dominate

Pokemon Go has been getting plenty of updates this year with features that fans have been asking for finally coming to the game and with plenty more feature that has been promised are on the way such as the long-awaited PVP. With these updates that have come out, it appears that Pokemon Go has been attracting back new and old players as in September Niantic’s AR game made $84.8 million over the month. With that number, it made it the fourth highest grossing app for the month, not only that but that was the highest the game had grossed in a single month since last November. It also represents a 15% month on month increase over its performance in August, and a staggering 89% increase year on year relative to how it did in September 2017, Sensor Tower reports. See AlsoFallout Miami: Fallout 4 Has Early Mod ReleaseNiantic is killing it with Pokemon go and since the launch of the game Pokemon Go has managed to generate estimated gross revenue of $2.01 billion worldwide, and 522 million downloads to date. Even with other games Such as Jurassic World and The Walking Dead: Our World coming out it doesn’t look like anyone can take the title from Pokemon Go. Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android. See AlsoGears of War 5 Unlock Progression Revealed.Do you still play Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article why not share it on social media. In other news, For Honor surpasses the 15 million player mark. For Honor surpasses the 15 million player mark