Pod Racer now on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
POD RACER comes to the Nintendo Switch

Classic N64 game gets a fresh port….almost!

I had a Nintendo 64 back in the day, and I remember getting it for 3 games (at the time) Goldeneye, Doom64 and Pod racer. For anyone that watched Episode One-The Phantom Menace,  you will no doubt remember that it had two good scenes. The fight between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Darth Maul. And the Pod race. When the film was launched arcades had an actual pod racer you could sit in and play pod racer like a real pilot, which was amazing. Sadly though it was way too big and way too expansive to have in my house.

Fortunately, Nintendo released a more compact version on the 64. Two-player split-screen with my cousin and hours spent unlocking tracks and finding shortcuts. Money well spent and a game well played, I felt like a Jedi and that was all it needed. Fast forward to 2020…

We have Battlefront 2, Vader immortal, and the upcoming Squadrons. Two of these are VR compatible (Vader immortal is coming to PSVR) and one of them is just all-round good fun, with great graphics, awesome customization, and beautifully rendered locations. (Battlefront 2 is currently free for PSPlus subscribers) So when I saw that POD RACER was coming I had a little flutter of excitement. A remastered version of super fast and slick (for the time) console game.

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That however is not what we have. Instead of a Digital download price of £14.99, you can grab your self a straight from port copy. The tag line reads ‘Two engines, One champion, No limits’ Well that’s not true, is it?  The limit is the graphics, which look more like Minecraft than fourteen quids worth of hard-earned pocket money.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the retro gamers are probably more excited right now, but to be honest, if you nip down to your local CEX you can pick up an N64, two controllers AND pod racer for about a tenner and it will A: look exactly the same B: Fly on your big 4k telly, giving the feeling of that old arcade version I mentioned earlier.

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Ok, so you can’t take the telly and N64 with you on the train. But with a handheld console that can produce the Witcher 3, a straight port seems lazy (Except for the motion controllers, that’s cool), at least give me a graphic remaster, with an option to play ‘original format’ if I really want to feel nostalgic.

Either way, if you DO fancy a go its available from 23rd June on the Nintendo Switch store, and may the force be with you! You’ll need it if you want to part with your Republic credits.

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