PlayStation Plus February free games announced

PS Plus Jan Games
Another great line-up available for free for PS Plus subscribers (Picture: Sony)

Every month PlayStation give PS Plus subscribers the option of playing and downloading free games. The games selected can vary from great single player games to forgotten multiplayer gems. February will be no different. With BioShock: The Collection, Sims 4 and Firewall Zero Hour being free next month.

PlayStation Plus has always offered subscribers a great choice of single player experiences. That won’t change in February with BioShock: The Collection. Giving players a chance to replay and experience the BioShock universe again or for the first time. The collection retells BioShock 1, 2 and Infinite. Players will be happy to get the chance to go back to Rapture and Colombia with updated visuals to give it that current gen look.

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The next game available is Sims 4. The Sims franchise has always had mass appeal, being able to control and build your own household has always had it’s appeal. Weather you’re a creative mind and enjoy the building aspect of the franchise or living out your dreams via one sim it has always had it’s appeal. Now PS Plus subscribers will have the chance to enjoy the joys of this for free as of February. Just remember to not burn the house down by cooking toast.

The final game in the line-up is Firewall Zero Hour. This tactical shooter is available for free but you won’t be able to play unless you have PSVR. Which will be a shame for a lot of players, the game looks fun. Combining the taking contracts aspect of recent Hitman games and the tactical shooter feel of games like Rainbow 6. You will be able to download these games for free as of February 4th.

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What game will you be picking up? Do you like the line-up of free games for February? Let us know in the comments below.

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