PlayStation Patent for a New Motion Controller

PlayStation 5
Another patent has been filed from Sony (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Sony has had a lot of patents rise to the surface on the PlayStation 5, the next-gen console that the company has publically stated nearly nothing about so far. Now a new filing discovered by 91mobiles finds that a new PlayStation motion controller could be in the works for either PSVR 2 or the upcoming PS5.

The file on WIPO, published February 13, shows off a new controller with straps for your wrists and sensors for your fingers that could be used for VR or some component for the PS5. You can see the image below detailing everything.

Screenshot of motion controller patent

Everything detailed for the new controller (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

“This controller device is worn on the hand of a user and includes: a plurality of sensor units that detect the fingers of the user; and a sensor support part that supports the sensor units,” says the English abstract on the patent. “The sensor support part supports the sensor units so that the distance between adjacent sensor units can be changed.”

As said before, we have had plenty of other patents come up that we have reported. So far, we know that there will be a built-in microphone for the Dualshock 5, it will be compatible with the PS4. Also, Sony could be pushing a next-generation of PSVR due to a filing for eye tracking along with other accessories.

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The PlayStation 5 will release this holiday season. We are not sure when Sony will have a full reveal, but it will come sooner rather than later.

What do you think about the latest patent that Sony has filed? What do you think the next generation will look like for PlayStation? Let us know in the comment or on Facebook.

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