Playstation Controller Soon to have a touchscreen?!

An update to the existing DualShock controller patent includes a new design featuring a touchscreen

Recently, a patent application by Sony was published for a touchscreen-equipped PlayStation controller.

At this moment in time, PlayStation controllers have a touch-enabled center pad that allows gamers to navigate through menus etc. with a touch-based interface.

Interestingly, this patent application makes me wonder what type of content a touchscreen would bring. I would like to imagine controller content would include in-game information. For example a mini-map… similar to that of the Dreamcast’s VMU (shown below).


However, it will most likely serve as a hub for actions. Actions such as sharing a video broadcast, sending messages or dealing with incoming invites (friend requests etc.). I cannot see Sony using this feature as anything more. This is due to the failure of previous consoles that implemented touchscreen technology within console gaming. *Cough* Wii U *Cough*

PS5 Controller

When will Dualshocks have a touchscreen?

Of course, Sony’s touchscreen controller is just a patent application for now. There is a solid chance that the same controllers will come with the next PlayStation with little to no updates in sight. But, just in case someone at Sony does come up with any bright ideas, the patent is in place for the company to act upon them.

Upgrading the Playstation controllers to have a touchscreen may not be cost effective… But would be a cool feature. What would you like to see in the next Playstation console? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to share this with your friends on social media.

Meantwhile, In other news Beyond Good And Evil 2’s Semo Showcase has been revealed. Check this out below!

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