Playstation Classic Already Hacked

Playstation Classic Already Hacked

Are you a Playstation Classic Owner?  Well it looks like you can fiddle with the settings if you have the right tools.  The classic released two days ago and people are already figuring out ways to hack the system.

Youtuber Retro Gaming Arts, and a friend of his, took apart the classic, before putting the console back together they hooked up a keyboard.  “So basically all I did was I took a USB keyboard, plugged it in, and then I went into one of the games and his ESC.  Then that gave me all the access to the emulator itself.”

It only seems that this is working by using Logitech and Corsair keyboards and there may be some issues that come up when trying this out for yourself, so be careful.

What are your thoughts on this situation?  Comment below!  In other news, Replacement Canvas Bags Coming to Power Armor Edition Owners.

Replacement Canvas Bags Coming to Power Armor Edition Owners

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