Playstation 5 to host Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4
Dragon Age 4 Teaser (pic: EA)

The latest installment in Dragon Age series is still far away, but we know it will be on Playstation 5

It comes as no surprise that Dragon Age 4 is in development. We have already had a glance at it in the 2018 Game Awards with a short teaser trailer. But we don’t even know what the game’s full name is. What we know is that the game’s release is probably far off.

Amidst all this, before the official reveal of Playstation 5, Sony has announced that a total of 35 games are currently in development for the next-gen console. The number is impressive and quite a few of these games are already revealed. Godfall is one of the many. But more importantly, we now know that Dragon Age 4 is among those 35 games. And that it will be launched on Playstation 5.

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Of course, none of us expected the next Dragon Age game to be on PS4. Given that Dragon Age: Inquisition won the Game of the Year award, we surely have seen our fair share of the series this generation. All this means that, without a doubt, Dragon Age 4 will be officially revealed in the near future. We also expect that it will soon be confirmed that the game is also coming to Xbox Series X.

What comes next is nothing but our own speculations and hopes. Here at Daily Gaming Report, we’re all hoping to see Dragon Age 4 next week in the Playstation 5 Reveal event. But we won’t hold our breaths just yet. If not by June 4th, we will surely see Dragon Age 4. Perhaps EA is planning to reveal the game completely at EA Play. But to know more we just have to wait and see.

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Stay tuned for more gaming news as we approach some of the most exciting times as Playstation 5 reveal draws closer. Contact us at [email protected] for any suggestions and news tips.



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