PlayStation 5 Gives Developers Powerful Graphic Tools

The PS5 logo
The PlayStation 5 logo. (Image: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) allows developers to leverage more Texel density from the hardware, making textures look much more detailed at higher resolutions. Luca Dalco, LKA’s studio head, announced that the PS5 has a more powerful graphics option for Texel density, up to 4096px/m. Texel density is essentially how packed a texture can be to allow a higher amount of pixels in the section of a texture. The image below shows a brief explanation.

Texel density explanation

The display of a very bad texel density against a better one. (Image: Malcolm341)

While the image above shows how Texel density works it is not indicative of how the PlayStation 5 will improve on the PlayStation 4.

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They also said that the PS5 also includes a powerful ray-tracing architecture which improves realistic lighting effects. The PS5 also houses a new SSD which has improved loading times significantly, which is of more importance now that texture sizes and games are generally getting larger and larger. As well as being huge improvements for gamers this also provides amazing tools for developers to use easily, which means smaller teams can work on bigger and better games for us to enjoy.

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