PlayStation 4 Is In The Final Phase Of It’s Cycle Playstation CEO Says

PS4 Is In The Final Phase

So the PS4 is in the final phase of its life cycle John Kodera, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said on Monday during an official Sony event that the PlayStation 4 is “entering the final phase of its life cycle”.

The announcement was wad during Sony’s Investor Relations Day 2018 John Kodera, also said though the PS4 Is at its life cycles end that it would not have a negative impact on sales.

So now we know this information we obviously know that the PS5 is going to launch, however, don’t get too excited as it doesn’t look like it will be any time soon as even though the PS4 is in the final phase it has a few big titles coming out for it such as,  Days GoneThe Last of Us Part II (which won’t launch until after Days Gone comes out), Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. An NPD analyst has predicted that it’ll launch in 2020. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier wrote that several sources have told him that it probably won’t launch until 2020 as well.

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