Player claims Ninja is getting Fortnite users banned

Recently, a Reddit user is claiming that streamer Ninja is getting players banned in Fortnite. Apparently, Ninja reported to Epic Games of the user for a higher ping resulting in a ban.

Accounts switched around

Furthermore, Ninja had died in the game to the player while building his fort to survive. In fact, the ban was due to the names of the accounts were switched to appear the way they do.

What went down

Regardless, Epic Boomer has clarified on the situation for not being bias to Ninja:

“We take the reporting and actioning of accounts very seriously. We treat every report the same and follow the same process to determine what action is necessary.

There are two accounts involved in this: Account A which was the account originally reported by Ninja and Account B which is tied to a YouTube video we discovered

On Oct 2nd, Account B was disabled for reasons unrelated to player reporting.

On Oct 3rd, Account A was reported by Ninja. It was investigated and not actioned due to lack of evidence.

On Oct 4th, Account A changed their display name away from the name reported on October 3.

On Nov 13th, Account B was re-enabled based on a review of the underlying system.

On Nov 17th, account B changed their display name to match the display name of account A at the time of Ninja’s report.

We became aware of a YouTube video claiming that we banned (and then unbanned) account B based on Ninja’s report, which is false. We hope this clears up the sequence of actions.”

In addition, there is no update on the situation for both users. Comment below on what you think of the situation. Especially, do you think the user was wrongly accused of not? Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Cliff Bleszinski has announced his retirement from the gaming industry.

Cliff Bleszinski announces retirement

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