Player Accounts Being Accessed Due To Fortnite’s Security Flaws

During this month, Epic Games reported a flaw in their security system. This flaw gave attackers access to player account information. Experian sent out an email to its users, suggesting them to update their security information on all services owned by Epic Games, including Fortnite.

This bug revealed personal information and allowed the attackers to make purchases via the hacked account. You can view the Experian article here.

In January 2019, Fortnite creator Epic Games acknowledged security researchers from Check Point Software had discovered a major cyber-security vulnerability in the popular game. The flaw may have enabled hackers to access player accounts, where they could possibly covertly steal login credentials and gain access to stored credit card information as well as in-game friends and contacts.

They are suggesting that players enable 2-Factor Authentication and use a unique and secure password on all services.

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My name is Scott Hurd and I reside from eastern Pennsylvania. I have my Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. I have a passion for video games and always wanted to do something that included video games.

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