Platinum Games’ new site. What could they be teasing?

A logo with trhe number four on it
What could Platinum Games be teasing? (Picture: Platinum Games)

In yesterdays article on Platinum Games, we suggested that they would announce something today. It seems we were right.

This tweet announced a new addition to their site, Platinum 4. Whilst this is huge news, it’s practically all we have to go on. Here’s what it could be.

What could Platinum Games be teasing?

First, one must decide how relevant the “4” is. Is it in reference to the 4th title or perhaps to 4 different games? With the amount of teasing they have done plus the Kickstarter account they made, it could be either. They are a sizable and well-trusted developer with 224 employees. This size and scope is something that could warrant multiple titles being announced. But until confirmed we’ll say that’s it’s just one title.

The Wonderful 101

In this, Hideki is sat proudly in front of his monitor with his switch to his left. On said monitor, the number 101 is displayed twice. This, added to the Platinum logo suggests an announcement about The Wonderful 101. Not only this, Hideki himself has rallied to try and get a Switch port but seems to have been shut down due to a lack of demand. This is something he has expressed at Reboot Develop. If one takes this all as true then why the number 4? This isn’t information we have right now, but if it is wonderful 101, It suggests a new whole entry in the franchise and not just a port. This would justify the Kickstarter more so than a port. It can both evaluate demand and raise funds for a ground-up sequel.

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Nier 4 or Drakengard 4

Both Nier and Drakengard are beloved yet severely underrated Platinum Games franchises. Without spoilers, they are directly related, and something Platinum Games holds dear, so either could be equally likely. Saying this, Nier has not traditionally been numbered, and Drakengard has, and the story of Drakengard has not officially ended.

This leaves plenty of room for Drakengard 4. It could be a possible prequel or an alternate timeline of an ending from a previous game. Without condensing too much or going down conspiracy theory territory, that’s a rough idea of where those franchises are. Drakengard 4 could be announced but then the 101 hint would be a red herring. Or maybe they will do both.

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Then there’s one final guess as to where this announcement is going

What do you think? What would you like to see them announce? Something on the cancelled Scalebound? Would you like to see a Platinum Games take on Metroid Prime 4? Let us know in the comments

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