Platinum Games Head Has Not Seen “Extremely Big Surprises” in Next-Gen Consoles

Project GG, Platinum Games' next-gen game
Platinum Games boss has not seen any "extremely big surprises" (Credit: Platinum Games)


Studio head of Platinum Games, Atsushi Inaba, spoked to VGC about the company and his feelings towards next-gen hardware. He spoke about how he hasn’t seen any “extremely big surprises” from Sony or Microsoft so far.

“We haven’t seen everything from next-gen at this point, I think, and it’s still very likely that there could be a quality like that in these consoles that are going to kind of be a game-changer, that’s going to change how games could be played,” Inaba told VGC. “And if that is the case, then maybe they’ll blow me away. So I don’t want to sound like, ‘hey, I know everything about the new consoles and they’re boring.'”

He used the example of the jump from pixel to 3D graphics when gamers went from playing on the Super Nintendo then got their hands on the PlayStation 2. While he enjoys seeing the progress in technology that will be in the hands of developers, like the Unreal Engine 5 demo, he is uncertain about the advances that will come from Xbox Series X and PS5 from their predecessors.

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This is a slight improvement from is initial expectations. Last year in an interview with VGC, that went into his thoughts about the future of consoles, which at the time were still more or less or a mystery compared to the information that is out now. Last June, he felt it’s “more of the same” when comparing previous generations.

Back in February Platinum Games announced its next-gen game with the current name Project GG. It is currently under a project titled Platinum 4, a campaign surrounding four games in production from the Japanese developer. The first announcement was The Wonderful 101: Remasteredwhich released worldwide last week for PS4, PC, and Switch.

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