Plants Vs. Zombies 3 – Playable Pre-Alpha Available Now!


Plants Vs. Zombies 3 Is Under Construction!

Recently, PopCap Games, the creator of Plants vs. Zombies not only revealed that Plants vs. Zombies 3 is under construction but also asked the community for help in making the “zombie-battling experience even better.”

Starting today, a playable ‘Pre-Alpha’ version of Plants Vs Zombies 3 is available through the Google Play Store. You will have to be quick however as there will only be a limited number of downloads available (more will become available over time), so if the option to download isn’t available at first, be sure to check the page later for your chance to play.

Currently, the Pre-Alpha is only available on Android devices and is available here!

Do be aware PopCap have stated that “PvZ 3 is under early construction and is not representative of the final game. Pre-Alpha is focused on getting feedback on combat features only.” So the pre-alpha may feel a little bare bones at the moment but from what I can gather there’s a lot of content to come!


Got some questions? Check out the FAQ’s below as shown on

Why are you making Plants vs. Zombies 3?

Because we love Plants vs. Zombies™! At PopCap, we’ve been working on PvZ for years and want to bring our beloved plants and zombies to current players and the next generation of players everywhere. We’re hard at work testing out a lot of fun things that we want your feedback on, and hope you will come on this journey with us!

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What is the Plants vs. Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha?

Pre-Alpha is where we give the community a first look at the early development of PvZ 3 and get your feedback. Any content you see is subject to change and will not appear identical when the game launches worldwide.

When will Plants vs. Zombies 3 be available worldwide?

We’re still testing different features of PvZ 3 and can’t wait to show you more! We want to make sure we have everything ready and in tip-top shape for you to enjoy, so we’ll let you know when we have a worldwide release date. Until then, make sure you are in the know by signing up here.

What devices can download and play the Plants vs. Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha?

You’ll need an Android device that is at least a Galaxy S7 or higher for specs, with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher in order to play. Unfortunately, the PvZ 3 Pre-Alpha is unavailable for players on iOS at this time.

To play the PvZ 3 Pre-Alpha you must be logged into the same Google Play Games account that you downloaded the Pre-Alpha on, or you will not be able to access the game.

I wasn’t able to get into the Plants vs. Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha. How can I play?

If you missed out on a spot, fear not! A limited number of downloads will be available for players in phases. If the option to download isn’t available at first, be sure to check the page another day for your chance to play.

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Will my game progress be wiped and why?

We will be making a lot of changes throughout the game’s development and some of these changes will necessitate having to reset progress.

Is the Plants vs. Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha free-to-play?

Yes! The PvZ 3 Pre-Alpha is free-to-play.

Will there be microtransactions?

There are no microtransactions during Pre-Alpha.

What is happening to Plants vs. Zombies 2?

All the content you love in PvZ 2 will still be available.

Tell us more details!

We can’t tell you everything about PvZ 3 just yet, but hope you will lend us your brains while the game is in construction! We are just as excited as you are about the next instalment! To keep up to date with all the latest PvZ news, make sure you sign up here.

Will you be grabbing the Pre Alpha or are you sticking to PvZ2 for the time being?… Me? I still enjoy Plants Vs Zombies 1… But let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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