Place Your Bets on Twitch’s new addiction – Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics artwork
Are you up for some free gambling? (Picture: Square Enix)

Twitch has found itself a new obsession, watching and placing bets on AI battling it out in Final Fantasy Tactics. FFT battleground is a Twitch channel that creates CPU battles in Final Fantasy Tactics and lets Twitch chat bet on who they believe will win.

Of course, it isn’t real money, it’s Twitch’s new chat currency, players receive 1000G that they can bet with. Simply choose your team of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black, Purple, or Brown, and then use the “!bet”. When everyone is done laying their wager, the battle commences.

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The entire system also prevents the player from going under 100G, 200G if it’s a subscribers account, this lets the player constantly play without worrying about being out for the count.

So let’s say that a certain someone sucks at betting and lose 36 times in a row, you can hop right back in and lose some more!

The gambling doesn’t involve real money, so anyone with an itch can just hop in and scratch it off without having to put a loan on their house.

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