Piranha Plant joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Unexpectedly, in the latest Nintendo Direct Piranha Plant was revealed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Shockingly, as an actual fighter and not an assist trophy. Interestingly, his final smash consists of him turning into Petey Piranha of Super Mario Sunshine fame.

However, this character is still being developed and won’t be available at the game’s launch on December 7th. In fact, he will be a free DLC release for a limited time only. Additionally, his other moves consist of spitting acid, shooting spike balls, and long-range attacks by extending its stem across the stage.

More importantly, upon his release if you have the physical copy of the game you simply need to register for Gold points on My Nintendo. Otherwise, if you buy the digital version it will arrive automatically upon release.

Honestly, this was an interesting choice to add to the game especially how creative they implemented his move set. Yet, at this time there is no official date of his release to the game. Not to mention, he’ll be getting his own Amiibo as well.

Comment below on what you think of Piranha Plant coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In addition, you can view him in action in the Nintendo Direct video below. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s microtransactions has been unacceptable.

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