Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney rerelease revealed

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney rerelease revealed

Accordingly, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be released in Japan on the PlayStation 4 and Switch physically, while it will be available digitally for the Xbox One and PC. The console releases will be on February 21, 2019 and the PC release will be in Spring 2019 as announced by Capcom.

Of course,  the series involves visual novel adventures where players take the role of a defense attorney who fights for his clients. The stories capture players as the game and characters take various twists and turns while Phoenix Wright vies for ‘not guilty’ judgments.

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Historically, the games have been available only on handheld devices beginning with the Game Boy Advance and moving to the Nintendo DS, but there have been ports to PC as well as the Nintendo Wii as time progressed. Additionally, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy released on iOS and Android in 2012.

However, Capcom has teased that Western release dates for the games will be coming soon. Yet, the Nintendo Switch is region free for those looking to pick the import.

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Interestingly, the movement of Japanese developers such as Capcom and SEGA seeing the viability of Western markets is wonderful. Especially, PC gaming, is a positive move and I expect to see more ports across the board for Japanese gaming.

Are you excited for the Ace Attorney Trilogy to come to consoles and PC in 2019?

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