Payday 2 visits White House in newest map

Payday 2 visits White House in newest map

Payday 2, the cooperative, heist FPS, takes a tour of the White House in the game’s newest and final area. The heist offers an ending for the entire game but also provides some unique objectives like finding secret buttons in the library or “hacking the mainframe”.

The Payday series, so far, has put players and their teammates in control of a group of bank robbers. The game has been in circulation since 2013 and has gotten numerous add-ons along the way. This is the last map for Payday 2 and will end things until the third installment.

The newest heist requires players to steal signed, blank pardons to officially wrap up the second entry in the series. It’s an outlandish scenario. You’ll be sneaking into a giant vault to snatch all the pardons they have locked away. I’m not sure if it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it was somewhat funny seeing that when the vault opened up. I also wanted to make a National Treasure joke, but RockPaperShotgun beat me to the punch.

The Hell Assassin has posted a walkthrough of the area and it’s a good way to strategize or see what you’re missing. It shows how you have to traverse the White house to the secret presidential bunker while avoiding the litany of guards.

Why are you a fan of the Payday series? what is your favorite heist and what are you looking forward to when Payday 3 eventually comes out? Let us know in the comments below.

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