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Despite being caught up in the Incursion Challenge League right now Grinding Gear Games plan to release more content for Path of Exile. In a recent forum post it was announced that the game’s next expansion and Challenge League will be revealed next week on August 10th.

Following up on the last major expansions Fall of Oriath, which added more story and bosses to the mix, and War for the Atlas, a serious update to it’s end game setup.

In the meantime there will be Incursion Flashback Events taking place from August 4th to August 28th. These will be available in parallel to the Incursion Challenge League and include rotating modifiers from past Challenge Leagues.

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Natalia of Grinding Gear Games had thisto say on the recent announcement:

“The possible league mods that you could see in an instance alongside Incursion are Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Perandus, Beyond, Nemesis, Bloodlines, Abyss and Harbinger.

“As an example, the Dried Lake could have Incursion, Breach, Beyond and Harbinger active for one hour and will then randomise to another assortment like Incursion, Ambush, Perandus, Invasion and then again to Incursion, Ambush, Beyond, Torment and so on,”

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Standard, Standard Solo Self-Found, Hardcore and Hardcore Solo Self-Found versions of the event will be available on PC and Xbox One, with microtransactions and Mystery Boxes being offered for free as rewards.

comment below on what you think of the recent expansion. Path of Exile isavailable for PC and Xbox One, I hope you enjoyed the article. In other news Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s beta on PS4 will receive an update September.

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