PALADINS Cross-platform coming to Switch in January

Fans were ecstatic to hear that Developers at Hi-Rez Studios were working on cross-play availability across (nearly) all consoles for their popular online FPS game, PALADINS. News on the matter was dropped mid November 2018 with a recent update on when to expect cross-play to go live.

Here is what we know so far:

We should be getting update version 2.02 for PALADINS on all platforms mid January 2019 (exact release date pending). Once the update is live, Nintendo Switch Users will be able to play with PC and Xbox players. Matches will still be determined by player level except ranked matches which will be based on players gaming input method. You will be able to voice chat with your team mates and add players to your friends list regardless the platform they play on.

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I am highly curious how this will play out with game pad versus mouse and keyboard users. If I had to choose, I will always vote for mouse and keys for Shooters over a game pad. Not to say game pads are not accurate but…matches should be entertaining to say the least! I will definitely be giving it a try on both Switch and PC. For a further look into what to expect from Hi-Rez Studios crossplay, read below.

SMITE and Paladins players can choose to play only against players with the same input method (either keyboard and mouse, or controller) in casual matches. However, players will find higher quality matches, more quickly, by leaving cross-input matchmaking enabled.

SMITE and Paladins ranked matchmaking will be divided strictly by input method. Players will only ever play against other players using the same input method in ranked.

Realm Royale players will always be placed in cross-platform matchmaking.

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A Bonus treat for Players who already play PALADINS on multiple consoles, you can link your accounts meaning any DLC can be transferred and used on whichever platform you decide to play on!

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